Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (17oz)

Raw Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed~Centrifuged Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"One of the World’s most nourishing Superfoods! No trans fat, hydrogenated fat, cholesterol or hexane!"

The healthy, delicious, wonderfully aromatic and cholesterol free alternative to butter, olive or vegetable oil! Supports the body’s natural immune function to ward off viruses, bacteria, and fungi, while encouraging healthy cholesterol levels, weight loss, optimal digestion and metabolism, dental care, and bone strength. With Lauric Acid levels at almost 50% and high levels of Capric Acid, and Caprylic Acid, the beneficial medium-chain “good fats”, it is excellent for your health when used daily. Also great for your skin and hair when used topically!

Suggested Use: Enjoy by the spoonful, for cooking up to 350° F (does not turn into a trans fat like olive oil!), on toast, salads, veggies & popcorn. Luxurious all over body lotion and gives hair a healthy shine while making it soft and manageable. The perfect massage oil that smells so good you won’t need to add essential oils, but you can. For oil pulling, swirl in your mouth, sip, suck and pull thru teeth for 15-20 minutes before spitting out.

A Soft Solid below 76° F and liquid above. Refrigeration Not Required. Store in dark dry location.

Organically grown and produced in the Philippines.

Coconut Oil
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